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I encourage my users try my app for free. If you find it useful, please come back here and get the 0,99 bucks version.


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0,99+ $ Version: pay as you want.

It’s the same as the free version. But you can donate before downloading.

Though I suggest a 99 cents donation, you are free to donate as much as you want. Even 0,01

Keep in mind, paypal takes evil percents: 35 cents from a 99 cents donation!

It’s really easy to use, but it’s damn expensive

Why donate to me?

Downloading this version you support me and my future projects: improve your mac experience and the techie aspects of your life.

You will also get a link back (if you have a website) on (under construcion)

homepage to thank you.

We all love the Mac.

But  sometimes all we need is silence.

Many times we forget to press that button... (Yeah, the “mute” button) while leaving the mac doing its job: downloading and downloading for the entire night. or making heavy jobs like video editing an HD video.

So, I’ve been wondering: doesn’t exist an app to auto-mute my Mac when screensaver goes on?

The answer was: no.

this -surprisngly- missing feature on Mac is now available, even for free!

MacAutoMute (MAM, to his friends) is a simple Preference Pane that simply does what is supposed to do.

You can do only one thing: checking this box:

After few minutes (this time depends on how you set screensaver) macautomute mutes all your system sounds.

Yes, no more notification sound will wake you up in the middle of the night just because you forget to press the mute button and your drunk friend messages you at 3 a.m.

Or, you can use it in office.

You know, some curious co-worker could be attracted from those sounds and spy you!

So, every time you would have to press mute button.

Some of you may say:  I already use an app like this: SoundAsleep... but it’s limited to a range of time you must set .. or you have to adjust it everytime if you change habits from time to time. And how abotu that annoying icon in your menu bar)? With MacAutoMute you set it once and forget for the rest of your (Mac) life.

set it, and forget it.

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