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Download Here

Compatibility: Mac Os X 10.5x, Mac OS X 1.4x

Installation instructions:

1. Download

2. unzip

3. Double-click

4. Select between “install to all users” or “only this user”

5. Go to MacAutoMute preference Pane and check the box “mute”


Now you can optionally delete MacAutoMute.prefPane file

or you can store it  wherever you want for future re-installations

Hot Tips

- Remeber you can adjust the moment sounds go off through screesaver time setting

- set the screensaver to start before the monitor goes in Stop (yeah, the black screen). Otherwise, the screensaver will never start and you will have a black screen instead of your shiny screensaver.

Version history:

23-01-2009 launched with MAM app version 0.9b (yeah, “b” is for beta)

24-01-2009 Version 0.91b added Tiger Support  (and compiled in Universal)

26-01-2009 No new version released, but solved the download availabilty problem. And  renewed the site

28-01-2009 Version 1.0 New icon set added

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